BARRON, Wis. (WCCO) — Support for Jayme Closs is pouring in from across Barron — and the country.

The circumstances of what happened are hitting the people in that small community hard, but as horrified as anyone is who hears these details, no doubt it’s the hardest on Jayme’s family and friends.

“It’s very horrendous what happened. At least it answered for us how they came in contact, and he saw her getting off a bus, and you wonder how could this possible happen with no contact at all,” said local resident Gary Ratts.


Jayme told police she was taped up, kidnapped and held in captivity by the man who killed her parents. Details that pierced the hearts of those who love her most and those who share her community.

The 13-year-old returned to her aunt’s house Friday evening. She’s been spending time with her aunts, cousin and her dog, Molly. Her family says they’ve been trying not to talk about what happened, but today, they and everyone else, found out the unbelievable details.

“We have grandchildren that are almost the same age, and it’s just heart-wrenching to know that someone can come into somebody’s home and steal their child,” said resident Becky Ratts.

The family says officials recommended not asking Jayme questions, and to let her talk about what she wants to talk about. And as hard as the details are to hear, her family can find peace knowing this nightmare is over.

Their focus now is to smother her with love.

Susan-Elizabeth Littlefield

Comments (2)
  1. Barb Prochaska Balk says:

    Where can we find and read the Criminal Complaint?

  2. Roi Bailey says:

    We love you Jayme!!!!

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