MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — Mike Max has been named sports director at WCCO-TV, as announced by Kari Patey, news director of WCCO. The announcement comes after longtime sports director Mark Rosen retired following 50 years at the television station.

“At WCCO we are proud to have a hardworking team full of talent, experience and enthusiasm. When filling the sports director position, we did not have to look far. Mike Max has been a proven leader in both our sports department and newsroom,” said Patey.

A native of Gaylord, Minn., Max is no stranger to Minnesota sports. Following an internship at WCCO, he was hired as a sports producer and, soon after, as a reporter. After a break to host “Sports Connection” on CBS-owned Midwest Sports Channel from 1994-2005, Max returned to WCCO-TV in 2005 as a sports reporter and anchor. Beyond television, Max hosts “Sports To The Max” on WCCO Radio.

In his time at WCCO-TV, Max has covered some of Minnesota’s most memorable sports stories, including Super Bowl LII, the Final Four and several World Series. Max has a special affinity for local teams, including high school sports and the outdoors.

Mike Max had this to say about his promotion: “I grew up on WCCO and am honored to lead a part of its legacy with some of the finest people who work in television for one of the finest television stations in the country.”

Comments (2)
  1. Calm down a little on-camera, do not pound on the desk to make your points, and please do not make “bug-eyes” directly into the camera when others on-air with you are talking. That will lend an air of professionalism to your work on live TV by letting the attention and approval come to you instead of looking like you are chasing it. Ask much simpler questions of interviewees instead of appearing to grab for control and air time by long wordy “questions” which often seem more like little editorials. Political leanings have no place on sportscasts, so your on-air tells for Trump and against Democrats are not cool. The time you put down H. Clinton in the middle of a Vikings story seemed really odd and out of place, for instance. Why would anyone care that you are a Republican any more then any other jock? Do all that and you might have a shot of eventually matching Rosen over the next few years–or not.

  2. I agree with every comment Mr. Howard makes except the last one.
    Mike Max has *NO* chance of matching Rosen at anything.
    As Howard closes “or not”!
    WCCO is making a fatal mistake going with Max.
    He tries to act insightful and wise, but is exactly the opposite.
    Max puts in the time and is willing to live at the station and take every bad assignment, every oddball time when the main crew was on holiday.
    I’ll give him credit for that.
    But there’s no quality to back up the quantity.
    Mini… I mean “Maxie” is getting rewarded for putting in the time, not because he’s a good sports broadcaster.
    WCCO is in a jam here.
    Risk a new face and alienate those supporting Max or sink with Mike.
    I’m done with ‘CCO. Rosen was the person who got me to tune in.
    Max makes me tune out.
    I can pound the table here at home and pretend I’m a smart man all on my own.