MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — A man accused of raping a 14-year-old girl at a McDonald’s restaurant while he was her supervisor will have his first court appearance Tuesday.

Andrew O. Albertorio, 24, was charged in Hennepin County last week with five counts of first-degree criminal sexual conduct.

According to the charges, Albertorio was a manager at the Maple Grove restaurant when he allegedly sexually assaulted the girl, an employee, for several weeks.

The complaint states the girl started working at the McDonald’s in the summer of 2017. She would object to flirting by Albertorio during their shifts, but in November, they began exchanging Snapchat and text messages. The report says he began trying to kiss her around this time, but she would push him away.

When the two began talking about having sex, the girl objected, telling Albertorio she was too young and he would get in trouble. She said Albertorio was “respectful” until Albertorio found himself alone with the teen in a walk-in cooler, subsequently raping her. The complaint said the girl “felt pressured into the act.”

Albertorio continued the behavior, and again raped the teen in the cooler, the restaurant’s bathroom and in his vehicle and home for the following month. She also alleged Albertorio gave her additional hours and paid her “out of pocket” to avoid child labor law violations.

The prosecution says they’ll seek an aggravated sentence.

Albertorio is currently in custody.

  1. Morgan Farantino-Clark says:

    ALBERTORIO, i hope getting old in prison facility is what you really wanted, because a normal almost mid 20s, grown man would not do this at all to any one. so i hope you get the MAXIMUM prison sentence, to grow old in prison. Disgusting. if true, you’re deserving imo death penalty as in other smart countries. This is a real shame. I pray you get SIXTY years, as it say, and i shall follow this on cbs facebook and twitter.