MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) – A Subway spokesperson has responded after a Muslim advocacy group demanded answers stemming from a confrontation last week between a manager and a Muslim woman at a south metro location.

The Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) says Ikran Salat was subject to a “profanity-laced tirade” on Jan. 15 from the Subway manager at the Edina restaurant on France Avenue.

(credit: Ikran Views)

The group says that the incident, part of which was recorded on video, left the woman and her young children shaken.

“Corporations have to take measures to prevent incidents like this and show a zero tolerance policy toward bias incidents” said Jaylani Hussein, the executive director of CAIR-MN, in a statement.

CAIR-MN held a press conference addressing the incident with Salat late Wednesday morning.

The cellphone video of the incident, which was posted on YouTube, shows an argument between a man who identifies himself as a Subway manager and Salat, who is apparently holding the phone.

It’s not clear what prompted the argument, but it quickly gets heated, with the manager cursing and telling Salat to “f—ing leave.” The three-minute video ends with the manager calling the cops.

By Wednesday evening, Subway had released this statement:

“We pride ourselves on the ethnic diversity and inclusive nature of the Subway brand. The franchise owner recognizes that this situation was poorly handled and is working with the restaurant manager to correct this behavior.

We and our independent Subway Franchise Owners are committed to treating every person with dignity and respect. We make available resources and training, including an anti-bias trainging course, to all restaurants to ensure that each guest who walks through the door — regardless of their beliefs, race, creed, sexual orientation or gender — receives the best Subway experience.”

WCCO has also reached out to Edina police for comment.

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  1. Ben Huset says:

    Which subway?? there are TWO on France in Edina.

  2. Gregory Fritz says:

    Some of these. Dirtbags are evil,filthy, and really low IQ…and why are they here

    1. roughman998 says:

      Profanity is not protected speech? I hope you do not refer to the First Amendment…

      1. Jack Jackson says:

        Not necessarily true. Context is the key and there are many times profane comments / statements are absolutely protected by the 1A. Google for yourself, but here’s a link to just one such example:


  3. Cindy Smith says:

    Ah- I think I will decide when I see the first half of the video!

  4. Nancy Aleshire says:

    If an employee of mine were to use profanity they would be fired on the spot. Profanity is not protected speech, I don’t care who it is being used at.

  5. Let’s get the whole story. Something that will never happen with the leftist media.

  6. Vinny NastyDwarf says:

    though the profanity is not excepted i love that this article says nobody knows what started this… leaves a lot of questions like: 1 was this manager just a nut bag who hates muslims? 2 – was it possible this lady instigated something which didnt make it to video? You never can tell and as usual this dude didnt handle it right / in todays society keep ur cool and just call the police from the beginning if there is a problem otherwise the race care will always get ya, especially if cursed with that white skin lmao.