MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — If you liked Saturday’s snow, you are in for a treat. Sunday could bring the season’s first winter storm, with up to 8 inches of snow forecasted for the Twin Cities.

The winter weather means people are stocking up at Ace Hardware in Forest Lake.

“People are concerned about safety when there’s been packed snow or ice,” said Allan Holm, Ace Hardware.

The flurries are welcome news for Holm, who says the lack of snow so far this season has been causing a big problem below ground.

“People have been experiencing frozen septic lines already, so we’re preparing them to take care of those problems,” Holm said. “I think because of the lack of snow, that’s been more of a problem than anything right now is frozen septic lines.”

Flakes aren’t the only thing that’s on the way. Dangerously low wind chills are also on tap for next week.

The National Weather Service says wind chills between 30 and 50 below zero are possible on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. They’re advising people to limit their time outdoors and also to make sure none of their skin is exposed.