MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — Minnesotans have been conditioned to embrace all seasons and all types of weather. But when it’s this cold, it’s seems the complaints outweigh the praise.

For most, but not for all.

We ventured out into the land of 10,000 layers to find those who are wearing their frozen pride on their sleeves.

It was nearly minus-30 degrees with a wind chill of minus-55, but Dave Olson of Minneapolis ventured out anyway.

“I’m outdoors all the time. I can’t stay inside!” Olson said.

Before exploring Minnehaha Falls, Olson went on a hike … before taking a bike ride.

“It’s fun to be out here, it’s a beautiful day,” he said. “You should go look at the falls, you know, and have a good time.”

And he wasn’t the only one enjoying the stark beauty of a silenced creek.

(credit: CBS)

“I texted some pictures off to some people that asked me how it was going up there who live down in Texas and California, and they’re like, ‘Man, I can’t believe it’s that cold up there!’” Jim Bryant said. “You do feel a little toughness there.”

And there is a sense of sub-zero pride. The cold never bothered Coach Bud Grant, and it certainly never bothered Elsa from “Frozen.”

It didn’t bother three northeast Minneapolis friends either. In a matter of minutes, Anna Fitzer, Sophie Holbrook and Adam Segar dipped some clothes in water to create plastic-free mannequins.

“We’re out here doing yard ornaments,” Fitzer said. “We don’t care, we’re Minnesotan, we’re going to do whatever we got to do to have some fun, that’s what I’m saying.”

It seems the weather that has the nation agasp has Minnesotans at ease.

Meanwhile in northern Minnesota, the Arrowhead 135 — a 135-mile foot and bike endurance race — wrapped up after minus-37 degree temperatures. Thirty-nine finished the bike, 13 finished the run. That’s a 36-percent completion rate.

Susan-Elizabeth Littlefield