SEARLES, Minn. (CBS Local) — A Minnesota man who allegedly gave his ailing wife methamphetamine and held a “death party” before she died faces criminal charges, authorities said.

Brown County sheriff’s officials say Debra Lynn Johnson, 69, was found dead wrapped in a sheet inside her Searles home Jan. 24 after her husband, Duane Arden Johnson, 58, called 911.

When deputies arrived at the home, they say they found Duane Johnson standing in the doorway naked, telling officers his wife was dead according to a CBS affiliate KEYC report. He then ran upstairs and began bathing in a soap and bleach mixture.

Johnson had also allegedly spray painted the words “Death Parde God Hell” in red on the front door.

Police say Johnson claimed his wife had been in a nursing home and begged him to take her home to die, according to criminal charges filed against him. Debra Lynn Johnson reportedly had heart problems, affective disorder and diabetes.

According to a Mankato Free Press report, Duane Johnson told authorities he and his wife had a “death party” for the final days of her life, “rocking out” to their favorite song, Quiet Riot’s “Metal Health.”

They also took methamphetamine and had sex fewer than two hours before she died, he said.

Officers say they also found 47 guns at the residence, several of which were stolen.

Police charged Johnson with felony criminal neglect and a felony count of receiving stolen property.