By Bill Hudson

MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — If we need to add insult to injury, here comes Tuesday’s snow to cover Monday’s layer of ice. And it’s making travel by foot and by vehicle all the more dangerous.

“Pretty slippery, people are sliding,” Pat Klesk said.

Experts told WCCO to use salt sparingly, but there’s nothing better for melting ice when roads and sidewalks are so dangerously slick.

“A lot of people are concerned with slips and falling, they can’t get up their driveways,” Kevin Marek, who drives a plow truck for C & K Lawn Care in Princeton, said.

Contractors like Marek lined up for hours for the second straight day, waiting to load up on salt. After spreading four tons on driveways and parking lots on Monday, Marek was back for more. His company is among the many customers purchasing their salt from Northern Salt, Inc. of St. Paul.

“I’ve been sitting here now for about half an hour,” Marek said. “It’s not too bad this time. The boss of mine was here yesterday and sat for two hours.”

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Demand for ice-melting chemicals has diminished supplies at area hardware and home improvement stores. That lack of is causing some homeowners to try spreading softener salt.

Minneapolis Public Works crews keep restocking free sand and salt for residents. People are flocking to city garages to fill buckets, even backpacks, to help make moving around a bit safer.

“I’m going to put it down on the driveway, sidewalks, anywhere people walk, Because people have been slipping and sliding,” city resident Pat Klesk said.

In the meantime, Marek is killing time in a truck, waiting for his preferred weapon against winter.

“I’m going to guess another hour, hour and a half. Again, you do what you got to do,” Marek said.

The City of Minneapolis has four locations where city residents only can pick up free salt and sand to spread on sidewalks.

Those locations are:

  • 6036 Harriet Avenue S.
  • 1809 Washington Street NE
  • East 27th Street just east of Longfellow Avenue
  • 2710 Pacific Street

For more information, Minneapolis residents can call 311.

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  1. FYI, according to the City of Minneapolis, they only offer free sand, not salt. Source: