MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — As our country continues to grow and become more welcoming and inclusive, our technology is slowly but surely following suit.

On Tuesday, Emojipedia released a first look at their new emojis for 2019.

The update includes 230 new variations, with 59 completely new emojis.

The most notable additions contain more gender inclusive couples, as well as people with all different types of disabilities — ranging from mechanical limbs, to a motorized wheelchair and even people walking with probing canes.

The update also expands on its popular food category by adding items like waffles, butter, oysters, garlic and more.

Plus, there’s even some new exotic emojis, including a pink flamingo and a furry sloth.

And while the concept of the emoji may remain as a silly addition that we occasionally include in a text or two, the idea that with each update a greater number of people can find a more accurate representation of themselves is something worth celebrating.

To look at the entire new list of emoji’s click here.