MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — Officers are combing through surveillance footage trying to figure out who entered a Minneapolis woman’s apartment and killed her and her daughter.

Officers got a call about gunshots around 10:30 Saturday night on 2nd Avenue near the St. Anthony Main neighborhood.

They showed up and found the bodies of 67-year-old Eileen Mark and her 42-year-old daughter, Jennifer Angerhofer, inside of Mark’s apartment.

The apartment complex where it happened is for seniors and people with disabilities, and over the weekend, things went from frigid to frightful.

“Freaks me out that it was just down the hall from me,” one neighbor told WCCO.

And he has every right to be scared, so he asked WCCO not to reveal his identity. He was the one who found the neighbor he called “happy” and “caring.”

“I looked down the hall and I could see Eileen’s door open, so I just went to check [it] out, and she was laying on the floor all bloody,” he said.

The police arrived soon after, finding Eileen Mark had been shot to death as well as her daughter Jennifer Angerhofer who was visiting from Coon Rapids.

“I just feel bad for everybody in there. I think they’re going to be scared, the people that live there, because it’s so bizarre that it happened,” Molly Burt said.

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Burt knows the building well and she knew Eileen well — Eileen was her beloved patient.

(credit: CBS)

“She was just a really nice lady and she talked a lot about her daughter and her grandkids, lots about them,” Burt said.

Eileen Mark was proud of her daughter, who was a proud mother herself. Eileen also had love for others — she was an avid food shelf volunteer.

“She would always try to talk to people, and if somebody needed something, she would try to help them out. She was a nice lady,” Burt said.

Now officers are trying to figure out who was cruel enough to take away that nice lady and the daughter she loved so much.

The building is secured and there are cameras inside. Officers are mining through the footage.

In the meantime, they are asking anyone who may have tips to call their anonymous tip line at 800-222-8477.

Susan-Elizabeth Littlefield

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  1. I wonder if the guns used were properly obtained and all gun laws were followed.
    Could more gun laws have stopped this killing?

    Please, I would like some answers so I can be an informed citizen…

  2. Probably one a dem hoodie an saggy pants dudes out crusin wit his babymomma, an her meal ticket.