By Katie Steiner

LAKEVILLE, Minn. (WCCO) — A lot of people are sick of all of this snow, but at the Ritter Farm Dog Park, the dogs were loving it. The people didn’t seem to mind the snow falling from the sky either.

“I’m kind of almost over [the snow], but it’s going to happen so just got to get over it and embrace it,” Kris Farnsworth said.

Joe Collins brought his 4-month-old puppy and two young kids to run around and play in the dog park.

“[The puppy] loves the snow, and I think our kids do too,” Collins said.

This was the first time Collins brought everyone to the dog park, and it was a huge hit. These type of days make it worth driving in the snow for him.

“It’s kind of a hassle with the commute to work, but other than that it’s kind of nice to have a winter with a little snow in it. Right?” Collins said.

Katie Steiner