By Liz Collin

MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) – Five people were killed and another five wounded Saturday when gunmen opened fire inside La Kuka, a bar in Cancun, Mexico.

Investigators say four men walked into the club and started shooting. The bar is about four miles away from the hotel zone along the ocean where many tourists stay.

The rise in violence has the attention of Minnesotans making plans to spend spring break on the beaches of Mexico. WCCO sat down with a travel agent for tips on how to stay safe.

As record-breaking February snowfall inches closer, a trip with a tropical view looks nice. But headlines from Mexico have sent some Twin Cities travelers in different directions.

The latest attack this weekend in Cancun killed five people at a bar off the beaten path.

“From what I understand this is very much a local spot,” Tricia Pirner said.

The murder rate is up more than 30 percent across Mexico, prompting an extended travel advisory from the U.S. State Department. As a drug turf war plays out, Pirner reminds her travelers to listen to their gut and follow the same rules they do at home.

“You’re not going into off neighborhoods, you’re not going into areas that just are for mostly the locals,” Pirner said. “Just use your common sense.”

Pirner also recommends people stay at their resort, eat at restaurants on site and only go on guided tours managed by the property. While Pirner hasn’t had any cancelations to Mexico, she has noticed some spring breakers opt for a trip to Jamaica or the Caribbean instead.

“I usually let the traveler decide what their comfort level is,” Pirner said.

Relaxation with a positive review is the goal.

“Most of our travelers come back, they’ve absolutely loved it,” she said.

Some reports say cancelations to Puerto Vallarta are the highest ahead of Spring Break. More than 10,000 Americans have reportedly canceled their plans to that destination in Mexico.

Liz Collin

  1. Brian Lee says:

    Violence at a strip club? I am shocked! That would never happen here in Minnesota.

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