MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — The FDA says a type of dog food that WCCO first reported on last fall has contributed to the death of hundreds of dogs.

Top veterinarians and the FDA are exploring a potential connection between grain-free dog food and a form of heart disease known as DCM.

No specific brands are involved, just grain-free kibble.

One working theory is that it’s not the lack of grains causing an issue, rather what companies put in place of it.

The FDA says at least 75 dogs died since 2014. The agency is continuing to test pets suspected to have DCM.

Comments (2)
  1. V J Born Kap says:

    My therapy dog was diagnosed with dcm after six months of taurine and royal canin dog food with grains his heart is better the cardiologist just did a echogram. His sister dies from dcm it was incredibly heart braking.

  2. Sally Farley says:

    The headline and first sentence state “hundreds of dogs deaths.” The video says “158 cases (illness or deaths?)” and then the article states “The FDA says at least 75 dogs have died since 2014.” So, when did the hundreds of other dogs die? I take issue with the sensationalism of the headline – please use accurate facts or back up the headlines with facts.

    I don’t doubt this is a concern. Just be responsible in your reporting.