By Reg Chapman

MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — Breaking the record for the most snow in the month of February is causing all sorts of emotions from Minnesotans experiencing it.

Some people love it, others hate it, but there’s no shortage of people willing to share their thoughts on this snowy February.

Big flakes accumulating about 2 inches per hour Wednesday. This much snow is not only causing problems for commuters, it’s sparking emotions from people trying to get around in it.

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“I really dislike driving in this weather, so anything I can do to avoid that is awesome,” said Jenna Nagle.

She knows how tough it is to drive and even walk when this much snow is involved. So she strapped on her cross country skis and headed to work.

“I work at the St. Paul Seminary and on days like today, I ski here because it so much less stressful,” Nagle said.

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She loves the snow, but there are others whose snow emotion meters are in the red.

“I have to keep my head down you know and the snow is just in my face,” said Will Wu.

Although the snow is pretty, Minnesota-born Wu says he’s done with it.

“If I was allowed to stay inside and not to go to class, I think that would be amazing. But since I’m out here right now and just walking, it’s just the worst thing in the world right now,” he said.

Others we spoke with are OK with huge snow banks, snow that flies sideways and low visibility. St. Paul Native Nick Delvecchio now lives in Las Vegas.

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“I’ve been here since Feb. 4 and I’ve done nothing but shovel snow and freeze my rear end off,” Delvecchio said.

In town to visit family, Delvecchio says all this snow reminds him of his childhood growing up in the Capitol City.

“I’m kind of just neutral on it I kind of don’t mind it because we don’t get much in the desert so,” Delvecchio said.

Hardcore Minnesotans are embracing the snow and not letting their snow emotions get the best of them.

“I think it’s really pretty,” said Joannie Larson. “I don’t mind the snow. It’s Minnesota, it’s February. Why not, it’s pretty.”

Reg Chapman