MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — Students at the University of St. Thomas just got their hands on something new.

A 3D, life-sized human anatomy table allows students to dissect the human body virtually.

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“This absolutely transforms the way we teach human anatomy,” associate professor Lesley Scibora said.

It’s in the school’s Department of Health and Exercise Science, where professors hope it will take learning to a new level.

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“This technology enhances what we are able to do in the anatomy classroom in ways that extend beyond looking at images on a paper or in a textbook,” Scibora said.

Dax Leepert, national sales director for Anatomaga, Inc., added, “Even if it’s just working with plastic models, working through those ideas and topics digitally first preps the students and helps their time in the lab be more enriching.”

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Using the technology will take some getting used to, but students can use “quiz mode” to figure it out and test their knowledge.

Susan-Elizabeth Littlefield