By Esme Murphy

MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) – Hundreds of people opposed to requirements for childhood vaccines rallied at the Minnesota State Capitol Monday.

They were there to voice their opposition to a measure that would make it harder for parents not to vaccinate their kids.

A proposed Minnesota Senate bill would remove language in state law that allows parents to “conscientiously” object to the shots.

“We believe that parents should be able to make their own choice. They should be having this conversation with their doctor,” said Alicia Leiviska, of Health Choice Minnesota.

Those at the rally dispute the position by the medical and scientific community that vaccines are safe.

They also argue against the idea that vaccines protect not only individuals but society as a whole from potentially life-threatening diseases.

Esme Murphy

Comments (12)
  1. Lisa Leaf says:

    This is not just about vaccine freedom, it is about medical freedom. Coercion is NOT consent. Please continue to stand tall and fight for the freedoms we have left. Thank you to ALL who attended and to those who support us!

  2. All of these people are fools who are willing to risk the lives of other people’s kids in order to avoid non-existent vaccine side-effects for their own. The resurgence of measles and other easily-preventable diseases, and the deaths and misery which have occurred as a result, this rests entirely on their shoulders.

    1. Jason Derkevics says:

      strong words directed at others. Are you currently up-to-date on all of the vaccine schedule as recommended by the CDC for 2019 for these children, or are you simply hypocritical. Educate yourself as your false statements are simply pseudo-science marketing view points. How many people have died from measles as compared to the actual vaccines for measles (MMR)

    2. Matthew Nehring says:

      “non-existent vaccine side-effects”? Try telling that to the thousands of families that have had their child injured or killed by a vaccine since 1986. The National Vaccine Injury Compensation Program has already paid out over $73 million for 2019 alone – which comes from our tax dollars by the way.

      Jason is right, you need to do some research instead of just regurgitating big pharma and media’s talking points that are easily disproven. You’d find that most of these “outbreaks” were from people who were actually vaccinated, and that vaccinated people actually shed the virus for months or more, and that the vaccine wasn’t responsible for eradicating the disease – a disease that has killed only 4 people in last 2 decades by the way, as apposed to the vaccine which has killed over 100. You need to wake up and educate yourself before you start slinging insults and repeating unfounded claims.

  3. Jackie Badger says:

    This was not a rally about vaccines…this was about medical freedom. The state should not dictate any medical procedures on its citizens. Where do you draw the line? Who determines what medical procedures are threatening or beneficial? It’s a very slippery slope. This is a discussion between individuals and their health professionals.

  4. Congratulations to the hundreds of people (1,300+) that showed up at the capital to rally for medical freedom. Parents and family members know what is best for their families with consultation with their doctor instead of the government controlling them.

    1. Matthew Nehring says:

      Hi Wayne, I tried getting your book yesterday at the rally but they were sold out. Hoping to buy it soon. Thank you for all that you do!

  5. Candice Schultz says:

    That event is a measles outbreak waiting to happen.

    1. Timothy R. Brummer says:

      Why are you so afraid of that? In my day we had outbreaks of 5 millions measles cases a year.
      A couple hundred may have died back then but with today’s technology, no more would die than the dozen who are killed by the vaccine every year.

  6. languagedad says:

    Why does WCCO and other news outlets always have to misrepresent things? Most people here were here opposing having the government force something upon them, not opposing vaccines.

    As a former medic and a humanitarian worker in 3rd world countries, I support vaccines, but I also support people having basic human rights, like consenting to someone injecting a potentially harmful substance into their child. This is entirely about government overreach and the destruction of our personal freedoms. SF 1520 forces vaccines without consent, and there is also HF1226/SF1438 on the table right now, which would require home visits for prenatal appointments up to 3 years, where a government nurse will come and collect data on your family to determine if you are safe enough to trust to raise your child, and to determine if the father and grandparents should have the rights to be trusted around the child. DHS said “we want to get our foot in the door” of peoples homes. Legislation where a government entity is looking for ways to subvert our privacy and snoop about our homes for reasons to confiscate our children is scary stuff.

    I’ve have a close friend in Ukraine who grew up as an orphan because his mother did not agree with the state’s views, and he was confiscated from her. We need to protect our constitutional freedoms of life, LIBERTY (not having the government force us to do things), and the pursuit of happiness.

  7. Daniel T. Barrett says:

    Well, Esme, at least you’ve distilled it down to the truth. No mandates is the issue. No vaccines are ever safety tested against placebos. (Placebos In vaccine “science” are not inert and the placebo groups are already contaminated by previous vaccines). Thank you.