MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — The Clay County Republican Party of Minnesota is apologizing for a since-deleted Facebook post that compared Senator and Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders to Adolf Hitler.

The post, which read, “Those who do not learn from history are condemned to repeat its mistakes,” shares an image from a Facebook user named “conservative_of_washington.” It shows a photo of Hitler beside Sanders, and lines up their allegedly similar beliefs, including support of gun control, revolution, socialism and a heavily-regulated economy.

Jewish Community Action of Minnesota tweeted a screenshot of the Facebook post, calling it anti-Semitic.

Another line states that Hitler “blamed Jews for Germany’s problems,” while Sanders “blames the rich for America’s problems.” Sen. Sanders is a Jewish American.

The Clay County Republican Party of Minnesota later posted on their Facebook page Tuesday, apologizing.

“The recent Facebook post that was shared by a volunteer with the Clay County Republicans has been removed. Whether it’s the Democrats comparing President Trump to Hitler, or Republicans comparing Bernie Sanders to Hitler, it is wrong, inappropriate, and in poor taste.
Our sincerest apologies to all,” the statement said.

The Minnesota GOP also released a tweet condemning the post.