MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — Although a record-setting February is behind us, March is on track to set some records of its own.

The temperature in the Twin Cities Sunday morning officially tied the record low for March 3 — set in 1873 — at minus 13 degrees. Meteorologist Mike Augustyniak says Sunday is only the beginning of a stretch of record cold days.

The the Twin Cities metro wasn’t the only region waking up to frigid cold. Southern Minnesota set records of its own Sunday, as Rochester tied its coldest recorded temperature of minus 17 degrees. These below-zero temperatures will linger through Sunday night and into Monday morning throughout the state.

Air temperatures are predicted to be in the single digits by 7 a.m., while feels-like temperatures could reach minus 27 degrees. In southwestern Minnesota, feels-like temperatures could be closer to minus 40 degrees.

Augustyniak says part of the reason the cold is sticking around is because of the copious amounts of snow still on the ground. Twenty-one inches remain, which is the deepest snow cover Minnesota has seen since 2014.

As for more snow, a storm system that’s plowing through the Midwest and over to the East Coast is on track to stay south of Minnesota, but Augustyniak says there is a chance we could see some precipitation in the form of snow or freezing rain Thursday.

The first glimpse at a thaw comes at the latter end of the week, when we could see highs in the 30s. Although its a welcome change from negative temperatures, we’re still about 10 degrees below the average for this time of year.


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  1. Heaps of globull warming all over the USA.

    The Jurassic period. O2 in atmosphere was 130% modern levels. CO2 was at 1950ppm, 5-7 times modern levels. The temperature was a whole 3 DEGREES C over modern times! Oh no! The Jurassic DGW, Dinosaurogenic Global Warming, shows that those Dinosaurs – with their Airplanes, SUVs, Coal Fire Plants and Cars and stuff, you know, those Dinosaurs and their DGW destroyed THE WHOLE PLANET!! With their DGW! Look, who wants 26% atmospheric oxygen? More air to breathe? Who wants that? And who wants more CO2 @1950 ppm, you know, to make all those plants and trees convert that CO2 into a higher O2! Who wants that! And we DON’T want the massive biodiversity of the Jurassic, no, we don’t want more plants and animals and trees, no.
    Any time period the warmunists want to “prove” there is AGW the warmunists just cherry pick ranges. And now I give the warmunists what the need on a silver platter – now they have the perfect example – the Dinosaurs and their horrible DGW (Dinosauric Global Warming) that destroyed the Jurassic… Wait, no, it didn’t, it was the best time for life on earth with 1950 ppm atmospheric CO2!

    Debt is Wealth. Ignorance is Strength. Freedom is Slavery. War is Peace. Cold is Warm.

    1. Nicholas Delonas says:

      And the profoundly ignorant jump up to deny global warming at the news or to bring up irrelevancies like “it has been warmer in the distant past.” Weather and climate are not the same thing. A super hot day doesn’t prove global warming any more than a super cold one disproves it. The current rate of global temperature change is unprecedented irrespective of cause. A greater than 2 degree Celsius rise, which is now all but certain to happen, is going to be catastrophic on a global scale. Get your heads out of your rear ends and research the topic outside your current echo chambers.

  2. Michael Silverstein says:

    Absolute proof of global warming

  3. James Scott Taylor says:

    Al Gore and AOC say global warming is catastrophic.

  4. Redd T. Hott says:

    It’s cold cause of global warming !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! oh, and Death ta israel !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. -15F in Appleton, WI March 4th! Mr. Gore, SODOFF!

  6. Joe Schmolen says:

    And the climate does what it always does, it changes. After a period of warming, it changes to cooling. The Warmists will now experience what we have always known–cooling is dangerous, not warming.

  7. Jack Jackson says:

    Extremely cold temperatures kill off a significant population of Japanese Beetles, mosquitoes, grubs and other nuisance insects that hibernate just below the ground. Hopefully, it will also purge some of the other vermin that reside above ground. BTW? Does anyone know the freezing point of moooslims?

  8. Estaz Flies says:

    The FOI act request for the Michael Mann/U of Arizona et. al. climategate emails has been fulfilled. It exposes much in the way of data manipulation and shenanigans put forth by this crowd. You wont see this on CNN,NBC,CBS,etc as it causes a conflict with the agenda driven narrative.

  9. Bob Suyak says:

    Damn global warming! (Sarcasm).

  10. Jim M. Ryles says:

    And just thing…no no try it…..it’s not hard…..have a conservative show you how to do it…..if the progressive liberal socialist demo-rats get their way all of you “feelings” voters will be without any heat in your soon to be torn down homes. On the good side you can keep warm walking to the welfare office to get your “unwilling to work check” because you fossil fuel car will have to be surrendered for the good of the planet.

  11. Thomas Hulting says:

    MORE, MUCH MORE, PROOF of Global Warming!