MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — The amount of snow that fell in February was record-breaking, with 39 inches at the Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport positively obliterating the previous February record of 26.5 inches.

But where does this winter stand in relation to others as a whole?

WCCO’s Matt Brickman crunched some numbers and checked the archives, and found that so far this winter we’ve seen 62.4 inches of snow. That’s considerably above average for this point in the season.

However, there have been snowier winters.

The winter of 1983-1984 racked up 81.1 inches of snow by this point in the season (March 4). That puts it ahead of the infamous 1991-1992 winter — the one with the Halloween blizzard — which saw 72.7 inches of snow by this point.

And, as far as calendar years go, 1967 reigns supreme. From January through March 4 that year, we saw 59 inches of snow. In comparison, 2019 has seen 51.4 inches of snow.

So, for as snowy as this last stretch has felt, the only record that fell was the one for February snowfall. However, Brickman said that winter is not over yet. In fact, the forecast for this weekend includes the chance for another snow event, though it could wind up taking the form of rain. Either way, winter is not transitioning into spring easily.