MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) – Two Montana men are facing drug charges after officials say they were pulled over in central Minnesota with 900 pounds of marijuana.

(credit: Douglas County)

Twenty-four-year-old Alexander Gordon and 30-year-old Jared Desroches both face two counts of first-degree controlled substance sales, court documents filed in Douglas County show. If convicted of the charges, the two could spend decades behind bars.

According to a criminal complaint, a State Patrol officer pulled Gordon and Desroches over Saturday on Interstate 94, near Alexandria. They were driving east in a pickup truck, hauling a camper.

The trooper, who was also a K-9 officer, stopped them because of a large crack in the truck’s windshield, but also thought it was strange to be hauling a camper during winter. After the two men told the trooper there might be marijuana in the truck, the officer’s K-9 smelled drugs in the camper, which Gordon and Desroches said was filled with bags of clothes.

A search of the camper found it filled “floor to ceiling” with plastic bags full of marijuana, the complaint states. Also in the camper were 400 packages of THC concentrate and 112 glass jars with THC wax.

The total weight turned out to be 900 pounds of marijuana/THC substances. Investigators say the estimated street value is around $4 million.

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  2. Gary Westcott says:

    I thought the Minnesota Supreme Court ruled a crack in the windshield was not probable cause to pull you over

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