MINNEAPOLIS (AP) — A man accused of pulling a gun on a group of young Somalis inside a McDonald’s in a Minneapolis suburb has pleaded guilty.

Hennepin County prosecutors say 55-year-old Lloyd Johnson, of Eden Prairie, pleaded guilty Thursday to one count of felony terroristic threats. The plea calls for him to serve up to 90 days in the county workhouse and three years of probation. He will be banned from possessing a gun for the rest of his life.

A video allegedly showing Lloyd Johnson threatening Somali teens inside of an Eden Prairie McDonald’s (credit: CBS)

The complaint says one of the Somali teenagers confronted Johnson the night of Nov. 19 in the Eden Prairie restaurant over what she took as an ethnic slight and he responded by waving a handgun at her and other young people.

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Police recovered a semi-automatic handgun from Johnson loaded with a 10-round magazine.

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  1. Never pull out a gun unless you plan on using it.