MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — Neighbors in a Twin Cities community spoke out Thursday night about worries over their health.

Residents in White Bear Township recently learned they had been exposed to a cancer-causing chemical for years. The company responsible, Water Gremlin, agreed last week to pay the state $7 million.

(credit: CBS)

“And you guys better hope 30, 40 years from now cancer rates don’t skyrocket in that population,” said resident Daniel Anderson.

Some of that money will pay for water and soil testing in the area. State health leaders say it is extremely difficult to gauge how the exposure will affect people’s health.

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  1. Virgil Anders says:

    This is just the beginning; I lay this situation at the door of the MPC for doing a very inadequate job of protecting us from a known hazardous chemical with self inspections at a company which is clueless or worse. This could become a Federal Superfund Site in the middle of WBL