By Jennifer Mayerle

MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — Police are investigating a car crash that led to a fight and ultimately a man’s death Thursday night in Minneapolis.

The Minneapolis Police Department says the fight started after a rear-end car crash just before midnight in the area of 22nd Street and Lyndale Avenue South, in the city’s Lowry Hill East neighborhood.

Aaron Burnett heard the commotion outside the coffee shop where he works.

“One of the owners of the cars was just outside trying to figure out where everybody went. Her boyfriend apparently immediately jumped out, chased the guy off,” Burnett said.

Police say that passenger chased the man about a block near Aldrich and 22nd in south Minneapolis. A fight then broke out between the two strangers on Aldrich Avenue.

“That’s definitely an escalation to what you usually think of when you hear about incidents like this,” Zach Bosek said.

When police arrived, they tried to save the life of the man who ran. He died after being taken to the hospital. It’s unclear what his injuries were.

Why the man ran and how the incident occurred still puzzle people in the neighborhood.

“It makes me feel unsafe because you just never know who’s ready to do something like that,” Shelby Carroll said.

They say the area has seen several crashes, but this is an ending no one saw coming.

“We’ve had some dramatic stuff happen out here. It’s sad that somebody ended up dying. It’s a shame,” Burnett said.

Police arrested the man who chased the person. He was released from jail on Friday afternoon. Police ask you to call them if you have any information about what happened.

Anyone with information on the incident is asked to call 1-800-222-8477.

Jennifer Mayerle

  1. This story makes no sense. It says the man that chased the car died, and then it goes on to say the man that chased the car was arrested by police. They arrested a dead man?