MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) – Get ready for a wet, messy week.

Meteorologist Matt Brickman says that rain is expected for Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday across Minnesota. Some communities could even see more than 2 inches of rainfall in total, according to the National Weather Service.

With the rain will come above-freezing temperatures, and a shot at highs in the 40 s. According to Brickman, the Twin Cities haven’t seen the mercury hit the 40-degree mark since Jan. 7.

The rain is expected to fall first on Tuesday afternoon, with scattered showers. Overnight temperatures won’t likely fall below freezing, which will contribute to melting across much of Minnesota.

Heavier rain showers look to be in store for Wednesday afternoon and evening. The rain looks to continue into Thursday, when it’s expected to turn to snow later in the day.

The National Weather Service says the Twin Cities will likely see about 1-and-a-half inches of rain between Tuesday and Thursday. Communities in southwestern Minnesota could see more than 2 inches of rain.

With the rain and above-freezing temperatures comes concerns over flooding. Weather officials have already predicted an above-average flood risk this spring due to the season’s heavy snowfall.

According to Brickman, this winter is one of the snowiest winters to-date on record. After the weekend dumped heavy, wet snow across the state, the winter’s snowfall total in the Twin Cities reached 67.1 inches.