MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — Some Minnesotans are still having trouble getting to their homes this weekend as flood waters surround them.

A huge ice jam is clogging Sand Creek in Jordan. Many people who live near the creek can’t even get to their properties. Many of the cars parked around there are submerged in water.

On Saturday, the Jordan Police Department showed new footage of the ice jam on Sand Creek, calling it “very extensive.”

Police said that flood waters showed a small decline overnight, but are mainly holding steady. According to the department, 14 residents are still at the Red Cross shelter, along with nine pets.

“Attempting to travel by vehicle in and out of Valley Green Park is still not advised, as water levels are still at a point where most passenger vehicles are unable to successfully pass,” police said.

Meanwhile, officials are preparing for more significant Spring Flooding in Minnesota. Gov. Tim Walz and Sen. Amy Klobuchar met with state and federal emergency managers Friday to talk about the flood forecast. They’re gearing up for a flood threat caused by some of the heaviest snow in years.