MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — A Florida school shooting survivor was in Minnesota Tuesday, using his story to try and compel change in our state’s gun laws.

David Hogg and his classmates have become outspoken voices in the nationwide movement against gun violence.

They survived a shooting at their Parkland, Florida school, where 17 people died, and more than a dozen others were hurt.

Two thousand people filled Westminster Tuesday afternoon, awaiting one guest.

Westminster Presbyterian’s pastor handed the pulpit to David Hogg, who survived a mass shooting at his school in Parkland and helped launch March for Our Lives, a movement supporting gun reform around the country.

Hogg said to the crowd, “What freedom looks like to me is youth being able to go to school and not worry about being shot outside of their school or inside of it.”

Just last week in Minnesota, people rallied on both sides of the gun control issue, but most of the people in this crowd seemed to support David’s message.

Hogg said, “It’s time to elect leaders who believe in stopping gun violence no matter the political party. It’s time for us to elect morally correct leaders who aren’t Democrat or Republicans, but are Americans who care about whether or not children are dying.”

Rita Rockford of Minneapolis said, “I think he speaks a lot of universal feelings for many Americans and he said some important things.”

Mohmmad Olinazi, a visiting student from Saudi Arabia said, “It was surprising. I didn’t think there were people here and that age that might be involved in politics.”

Student Watru Doki said, “He’s very impressive and I agree with him.”

Not everyone agreed. Teresa Blair of Minneapolis wore a hat that read, “Guns Save Lives, “I just wanted to see what David Hogg to say live and in person and I also wanted to show public support for the second amendment at an anti-second amendment event.”

Hogg said he welcomed those who disagree, but said he plans to keep on talking.

Hogg is asking people to vote and to keep the conversation going.

It’s not clear if gun control bills will make it to a vote in Minnesota, but what is clear is that people are passionate about the issue.

Susan-Elizabeth Littlefield

Comments (2)
  1. Rick Fischer says:

    Hogg was at home during the shooting. In what way is he a “survivor”?

  2. David C. Telliho says:

    hey,Hogg, your idea of moral politician,kills babies AFTER they are born. You think they care about YOU ?

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