MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — A 58-year-old woman was arrested Monday evening after she allegedly ran over her adult son, causing significant pelvic injuries.

Authorities responded to the 3500 block of County Road 150 Southwest in Salem Township for an assault complaint, finding an injured man. The woman is accused of running over her 37-year-old son with her vehicle.

According to authorities, the man had been drinking all day and his mother offered to give him a ride to a friend’s house. He reportedly refused the ride, saying, “Why don’t you just run me over?” Investigators say he then laid down in the driveway and his mother ran over him.

The woman allegedly admitted her actions to authorities, saying, “He didn’t believe I would. He has been drinking all day. We gave him a chance.”

The woman was taken into custody and potentially faces several felony charges, which will be determined by the Olmsted County Attorney’s Office. The woman will appear in court on Wednesday.

The case is still under investigation.