MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — Rising waters are slowing down in the small town of Henderson, but that could change at any moment.

Emergency workers have a levy in place. Rising ground water in the town about an hour southwest of the cities is only part of the problem.

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The town of Henderson in southern Minnesota town has around 914 people. Some things never seem to change, like the seasonal flooding.

“It’s a common thing in Henderson you kind of get used to it, it’s something ya know Spring comes and ya flood,” Henderson native Milissa Brelje said.

In fact, they’ve basically got it down to a science; with this annual levy and sandbag system, they are preparing for what’s to come.

“We’re used to it’s just the nature of living here until we get funding to raise one or two of the roads it’s a struggle,” Henderson city emergency manager Tom Phillips said.

And it’s not just the rising water — which luckily hasn’t affected homes so far — it’s also the major road closures.

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“The drive is not fun, an extra half hour anywhere you go pretty much unless you’re staying in town,” resident Korin Stark said.

Especially trying for students who commute to town, like Madix Lutterman, who lives 30 miles away from Minnesota New Country School in Henderson.

“Actually today had to take extra time to get to school probably added about half an hour on it,” Lutterman said.

But he isn’t sitting around and complaining; he and his classmates are standing up to help. Joey Reimers also goes to Minnesota New Country School, and said, “It feels good, feels really good cause then it’s not just like I’m another figure that does nothing in the town I’m someone whose actually doing something.”

Three of the four roads into Henderson are closed and they may be that way for three weeks.

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There is currently a bill that would raise one of the problem roads, the scenic byway, to flood level. There is a house file 1429 and Senate file 1728.

Susan-Elizabeth Littlefield