MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) – It’s been a long time since the mercury hit 50 degrees in the Twin Cities. About 140 days.

And the benchmark won’t be reached Thursday.

Meteorologist Matt Brickman says temperatures will climb to 49 degrees in the afternoon. He says that despite sunny skies, temperatures will be kept below the 50-degree mark by winds out of the west.

Overnight, lows are expected to dip below freezing. Friday’s forecast looks to be a repeat of Thursday, with highs just nearly at 50 degrees.

However, Saturday looks to be a different story.

Light winds and sunshine are expected to push temperatures into the mid-50s. The Twin Cities hasn’t felt such warmth since Nov. 1.

Rounding out the weekend will be a mild Sunday with possible light rain showers.

Warm temperatures look to continue into next week.