MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — If you plan on enjoying this week’s weather at your favorite park you should check before you go because it might be closed. Flooding forced Fort Snelling Park to close many trails.

“We are having closings in the park and recreational areas impacted by high water,” Fort Snelling State Park manager Kelli Bruns. “I believe 2014 was the last time we actually closed the park to the public.”

Water from the Minnesota River has overrun many trails in the park and spilled into Snelling Lake.

There’s now a plan underway to stop water from flooding park buildings. Barricades have been going up along the river, also serving to stop drivers for safety.

“It doesn’t take a lot of moving water to move heavy objects like a car. Plus, you don’t know if the road has been washed out,” Greg Salo, assistant director for DNR enforcement, said.

Park officials are busy keeping people out but say they’re not too concerned about wildlife in the area.

“They enjoy this,” Bruns said. “We are in a flood plain forest in Minnesota, so the animals and the activity that will happen here is quite natural to them.”

In an effort to prevent even more damage to facilities sand and concrete have been brought in to shore up the river bank.

Parks could be closed from weeks to months from now, so be sure to check ahead before making any plans. As of right now, officials say it’s unclear whether the Fort Snelling Park will even be available for Memorial Day weekend.

Lisa Meadows