MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — The St. Croix River is creeping into the city of Hudson, Wisconsin — and the worst of the flooding is yet to come.

The river has risen to six feet above normal, and is expected to rise several more feet.

“There’s been residents and businesses taking every precaution, sand bagging their home, in front of their business,” said Michael Mroz, director of public works in Hudson. “We have probably a dozen homes and businesses that are effected by the water, what is projected to be at this year.”

The water is expected to rise two more feet. Water Front Park is an underwater park. Several streets are closed, one riverfront street will soon become an island. It’s the worst it’s been since 2001. Georgia has lived on the street since 1961.

(credit: CBS)

“It’s beautiful here. Every single day I take pictures of the sunset,” Georgia said.

She knows the river front view comes with a cost.

“I wouldn’t go anywhere else, I love it here. Even if it floods, even if it floods, you just deal with it,” she said.

And they are dealing with it, volunteers are digging in to keep water out.

“Lake Front Park won’t be open until probably until mid-May when we get it cleaned up and back in order, so hopefully the grass comes back,” Mroz said.

The river is expected to crest sometime this weekend, and it could be the seventh-highest water level on record if it reaches projected numbers.

Susan-Elizabeth Littlefield