By Mike Max

MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — The Minnesota Basketball Hall of Fame is only in its second year of existence.

The concept is to honor the rich heritage of the sport in this state. And what they are finding is a whole lot of rich heritage for basketball in the state.

Former Gopher Athletic Director Joel Maturi has been instrumental in starting it.

There is an eight time champion coach in this class — Ken Novak Jr. from Hopkins.

(credit: CBS)

And one of the players, Kris Humphries, moved on, drafted in the first round on his way to 13 NBA seasons – but he learned much in high school.

So they made it a day, induced at halftime of the Minnesota Timberwolves game. And it is the Wolves and Minnesota Lynx that are leading the way to help celebrate basketball at all levels, and pay respects to what has been.

What it’s in part about is understanding what the sport should be about, and whether you win a title or make the hall of fame.

And on these nights there are so many stories to support just that, and so many people to support the memories.

From every era, and to honor the spirit of a sport that is still thriving today.

Mike Max