MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — Attorney General Kieth Ellison announced his task force Thursday, a 15-member team chosen to lower pharmaceutical drug prices in Minnesota.

The task force includes medical practitioners, Minnesota legislators, and those affected by Type 1 diabetes. Healthcare experts, the Minnesota Board of Pharmacy executive director, and industry professionals are also on the team. More than 100 people applied through a public process.

Co-chairing the task force is Nicole Smith-Holt, whose Type 1 diabetic son died in 2017 after not being able to afford insulin.

Ellison asks the force to meet monthly beginning April 23. The force will determine why drug costs are so high and how to make them affordable.

When the 2020 legislative session begins nine months from now, the force will create a report. It will continue working for up to two years.

Here is a list of Ellison’s Advisory Task Force on Lowering Pharmaceutical Drug Prices.

  • Elo Alston, Type 1 diabetic
  • Jessica Braun, family nurse practitioner
  • Nazie Eftekhari, HealthEZ CEO
  • Rep. Rod Hamilton (R), House District 22B
  • Phu Huynh, pharmacy manager
  • Sen. Scott Jensen (R), House District 22B
  • Christy Kuehn, wife of Type 1 diabetic
  • Shirlynn LaChapelle, nurse consultant
  • Rep. John Lesch (DFL), House District 66B
  • Sen. Matt Little (DFL), Senate District 58
  • Rose Roach, Minneosta Nurses Association director
  • Stephen Schondelmeyer, pharmaceutical economics professor, University of Minnesota College of Pharmacy department head, and PRIME Institute director
  • Nicole Smith-Holt, mother of Type 1 diabetic son who died because of high insulin costs
  • Leonard Snellman, general pediatrician
  • Cody Wiberg, Minnesota Board of Pharmacy director