By Pat Kessler

MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — Minnesota’s top Republican at the State Capitol Thursday declared gun safety bills dead for the year. That’s after Democrats used a parliamentary maneuver to force a vote on gun control.

House Democrats made gun safety a top-ten priority this year, but it stalled for lack of support in the Republican Senate. Now, they are trying to force the vote with a high-stakes gamble.

After weeks of protest, House Democrats are wrapping the contentious gun bills into a much larger, key public safety measure to guarantee that it gets a vote.

“Minnesotans have demanded that this legislature take action to prevent gun violence,” said Rep. Melissa Hortman – (D) House Speaker.

The gun measures include stricter criminal background checks. And extreme risk protection orders allowing police to confiscate guns from dangerous people. Both bills would likely fail in the Senate, where Republicans want a single up-or-down vote.

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“Which means they’re basically dead. Those gun control bills are dead,” said Sen. Paul Gazelka – (R) Majority Leader.

The public safety bill includes millions of dollars for disaster assistance, state corrections — including prisons and prison guard safety — Amber Alerts and DWI enforcement. And now, also gun control.

“The budgets at the end are already difficult, so to put those in a budget bill that must be passed makes it very, very problematic,” Gazelka said.

The powerful Democratic House Speaker says she will try to force a Senate vote because she says nine out of 10 Minnesotans want it.

“They have no excuse for their failure to listen to Minnesotans, and hold a hearing and have a vote. We’re taking action,” Hortman said.

There is no timeline on when the biggest budget bills of the year will get a vote, which usually at the very end of the year.

With the gun control bills now tucked inside the public safety measure, pressure will only mount until then.

Pat Kessler

Comments (4)
  1. Daniel Loerzel says:

    9 out of 10 Minnesotans want it??? I’m guessing she asked 10 of her friends?

  2. Steven Severson says:

    In the United States of America, should we have secret courts where judges can unilaterally take away someone’s rights without them ever committing a crime?

    Should we allow trials to take place without the defendant present to allow them the opportunity to face their accusers and to defend themselves or be represented by an attorney?

    Do we remove all presumption of innocence from the accused and shift the burden onto them to prove their innocence instead of the burden of proof being placed upon the state to prove, beyond a reasonable doubt, someone’s guilt?

    Should the police be allowed to raid someone’s private home or business and remove their personal property without any warrant issued by the court?

    If you said “NO” to any of these things, then you should not support red flag laws.

    It’s not a 2nd Amendment issue. It is a 4th, 5th and 6th Amendment issue that everyone should be concerned about.

    Universal Background Checks are a Trojan Horse.

    It is a trick by the Democrats so they can usher in gun registration.

    They know a gun registry will never happen today in this political climate. But, they have convinced so many people that the gun show “loophole” is a thing (it’s not) that people believe that background checks should be performed on all firearms transfers. It’s just commonsense, after all. Why WOULDN’T someone support making sure that the person being sold a gun is legally able to purchase it?

    But there is a fatal flaw in universal background checks they aren’t telling you about. And they know about it, they just aren’t discussing it because it will ruin the surprise.

    The flaw is enforcement.

    There is absolutely NO way to enforce background checks on all gun sales. Why not? Because in order to enforce the law, the government must know who owns what. The only way to do that is with a gun registry. There is no other way.

    When someone purchases a firearm from a dealer, they fill out a Form 4473 and a background check is completed. The ATF is not notified of what is being purchased aside from whether it is a long gun or a handgun. No other information is provided to the government. The ATF is required by law to purge the information from their system with 24 hours of an approval. The FFL (dealer) is only required to maintain records of sales for 20 years.

    The only way a gun can be traced is to contact the manufacturer to determine who the original FFL was and get a warrant to search through old 4473s. There is only paperwork up to the original purchaser.

    So what that means is that there are millions upon millions of guns in the hands private citizens and the government has no idea who owns what unless the firearm was purchased from an FFL within the last 20 years and hasn’t been sold to someone else.

    So how do the Democrats think they can effectively implement Universal Background Checks?

    They don’t.

    They’re playing the long game. They get this through and then they will complain that it is ineffective without a registry and it will be all the justification they need to begin pushing for one. After all, why have a law that doesn’t work? We just need one more “commonsense” gun law…

    Then, they will turn millions of gun owners who will refuse to comply into felons and seize their guns.

    If you think this is about a gun show loophole that doesn’t even exist, I’ve got a bridge to sell you.