By Mike Augustyniak

MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — A lot of jokes were made roughly this same time last year about the title of a certain Prince song. But now it feels like it really does need to be amended to “Always It Snows in April.”

WCCO director of meteorology Mike Augustyniak says that it’s possible that many parts of Minnesota could see significant, plowable snowfall later this week. This just days after high temperatures reach the upper 60s.

Augustyniak says the Midwest should expect to see a large storm move through Wednesday through Friday, from a system currently approaching the Pacific coastline. Because it’s still over the ocean, there’s still uncertainty about the exact storm track and the expected intensity.

“As a piece of that storm moves over the west coast and into our weather observation network, by midday Tuesday we should have a better handle on the exact track and intensity of that storm,” Augustyniak said. “But I will tell you, as it looks right now, there are many similarities to this storm with last April’s snowstorm.”

Wednesday is likely to bring a mix of rain and snow, moving into more snow than rain on Thursday, and wrapping up with more flurries on Friday. Augustyniak added that with temperatures nearing 40 degrees Thursday and Friday, it’s going to be a close call between the rain and the snow.

Augustyniak said that it appears that southern Minnesota looks to receive the brunt of the storm, in terms of how much potential snow could come of it.

Mike Augustyniak