MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — You may have noticed some green peeking out of the ground recently. But does April snow bring May flowers?

Sue Hustings owns Highland Nursery in St. Paul. Her garden center is full of plants, both inside and out. She says snow isn’t a problem for plants. In fact, it can be a good thing.

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“Generally, the snow is going to be more bad for us morally than the plants,” Hustings said. “It can be good moisture. And actually, instead of having a hard rain that runs off, the snow will melt gently into the ground, if the ground has thawed, which it has at this time.”

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Hustings says the best thing you can do for your plants before the storm is nothing at all. Let the snow nestle around them and don’t use any coverings. They can collapse under the snow’s weight, crushing your plants.

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“The snow is going to act as a blanket to protect your plants so they don’t get further damaged,” Hustins said. “Anything that you have out there right now should be okay. The snow shouldn’t hurt it.”