(CBS Local)– While many comedians got their start in places like New York and Los Angeles, Chad Daniels began his comedy career in Minneapolis.

The father of a 19-year-old son and 15-year-old daughter uses stories of fatherhood in his stand-up routine that has taken him all around America. Daniels says that the road work has been key in helping him find his voice as a comedian.

“There’s a lot of times where I go to LA and these guys talk about paying their dues by sitting outside The Comedy Store for three hours,” said Daniels in an interview with CBS Local. “I’ve slept in a Walmart parking lot only because they have cameras. If I got murdered, I would want my kids to have closure.”


Daniels has a new comedy special on Amazon called “Dad Chaniels.” While many of his contemporaries are doing their specials on Netflix and Comedy Central, the Minnesota native decided Amazon was the place to be.

“Once I record something, I want it out the next day,” said Daniels. “That’s not how it works. It was tough waiting around, but that does give you time to write and reload the chamber a little bit with new material. Even growing up for me, I had to seek out Richard Pryor. I wouldn’t bump into his comedy.”

While Daniels’ kids are a big part of his act, he always makes sure to clear things with his son and daughter before using the material on stage or in a special.

“My daughter doesn’t really know much about my comedy, which is wonderful,” said Daniels. “My son is old enough. He’s in college and they’ll go to a party and people are playing it just because they’re from the same hometown. He doesn’t mind. Anytime I’ve written a bit about them or a story, I’ve always gone through it with them before I’ve brought it to the stage. I’m willing to pay for therapy, but not if I’m the cause of it.”

Chad’s comedy special “Dad Chaniels” is available now on Amazon Prime.