By Pat Kessler

BURNSVILLE, Minn. (WCCO) – President Donald Trump’s Monday visit to Minnesota was a chance to talk about tax reform.

Trump called his tax cut and economic recovery plan historic, something he said no previous president was able to do.

“The economy is so great, we’re doing so well – maybe as good as it’s ever been. It’s incredible what’s happening,” Trump said.

To Minnesota farmers struggling from trade tariffs, he asked for patience. And the President celebrated the resurgent iron ore industry in northern Minnesota, recalling a crying worker who thanked him.

“Strong man, big, tough guy, but he was crying. And he said, ‘President Obama took our life away when he closed the range.’ Used those words. He said, ‘Took our life away, took our blood, and you gave it back to us,'” Trump said.

The hand-picked crowd was filled with enthusiastic Trump supporters like Jim Hardy, who owns a window washing company in Greenfield, Minnesota.

“I have a lot more money in the bank these days than I’ve had in years,” Hardy said on how tax cuts have helped his company.

The White House calls the trip official, not political, but the President got in a few political jabs, predicting economic disaster if Democrats win in 2020.

“Everything can be undone and bad, bad things can happen,” Trump said.

Pat Kessler

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  1. Mike Batt says:

    I paid more dollars, but the effective tax rate was lower. Did the CBS poll ask the correct question?

  2. Democrats and the rest of the anti-American left wing freak show is really becoming quite sad. I mean really sad. No, I MEAN REALLY REALLY SAD!