MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) – The Minneapolis Police Department will now prohibit “fear-based, warrior style” training, Mayor Jacob Frey announced Thursday during his State of the City address.

The policy change, effective Thursday, will also require Minneapolis police officers to obtain approval from Chief Medaria Arradondo or his administration to pursue external use-of-force or de-escalation training.

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“When you’re conditioned to believe that every person encountered poses a threat to your existence, you simply cannot be expected to build meaningful relationships with those same people,” Mayor Frey said. “What fear-based training teaches is not inherent to the human psyche. It’s learned.”

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Mayor Frey also outlined new city initiatives, including a new climate action and equity fund, a zero-interest commercial property development fund, a public market meant to highlight the city’s African community, a partnership between Village Financial cooperative and Square, and development of cultural districts.

“At no cost to the taxpayer, this new fund will invest with intent – directly into Minneapolis communities to produce a demonstrable reduction in local greenhouse gas emissions,” Mayor Frey said of the climate fund. “The President and his cabinet have made it clear that climate change – if they’ll even admit it exists – is not their priority. At the local level, we don’t have the luxury of ignoring science.”

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During his address, Mayor Frey said affordable housing is the defining challenge for the city. He said the affordable housing funding from the city is three times higher than it has ever been.