By Katie Steiner

MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — It was hard to stay inside on a day like Saturday, and lots of people didn’t!

Our #Top10WXDay falling this close to Earth Day makes for the perfect match. People flocked to Pearl Park in Minneapolis, but not just to play. They came prepared to pick up trash.

“You know when all the snow melts? You’re happy right? Oh, it’s green! But you will see, all the garbage that accumulated over the winter. And you start to notice it’s cause it’s all uncovered,” said Sarah Sillers of the Hale Page Diamond Lake Community Association.

It’s an effort between the Minneapolis Park Board and different neighborhood associations to get people outside and cleaning up.

“So you come and grab a bag for recycling, a bag for garbage, and of course a doughnut, and then you head off into the neighborhood, wherever it is you play,” Sillers said.

This event was organized around Earth Day, which we celebrate on Monday. But people didn’t just go to a park to clean up.

(credit: CBS)

Tanya Lanctot and her kids, Leo and Norah, were out cleaning their block on Portland Avenue, across from the park. Leo had a school project to finish, which was pretty simple.

“Think of ways to help the earth. Cleaning up around our block,” Leo said. “I know Earth Day is coming up, and we just want to do our part and clean up our neighborhood.”

And his big sister Norah also joined in.

“It makes me feel good because I know that I’m like helping everybody. Even if it’s just our block it’s like helping, just like a little bit,” Norah said.

And the Lanctot family wants you to join in, as well.

“It’s been maybe a half an hour. It doesn’t take much time. Grab some gloves, watch for glass, grab a bag, do your part,” Tanya said.

Katie Steiner