MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — The Animal Humane Society saved the life of a dog who is now getting all the love and attention she deserves.

Meet Missy, who lives at Sunrise Senior Living in Golden Valley. As you can see, she’s easy to love. But her road to this happy home was a rough one.

She was found lying in a ditch in northern Minnesota, most likely hit by a car. So, the Animal Humane Society in Golden Valley took on the task of saving her life.

After months of surgeries and healing, Missy found her way to her forever home.

“The first time she came, she put her head right in a resident’s lap who was in a wheelchair and that was it, our hearts melted. We fell in love with our little polar bear, as we like to call her,” Carolyn Zdroik at the Sunrise Senior Living said.

Staff at Sunrise say many residents have left pets behind, so having a dog around can really make the people who live there smile.

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Lisa Meadows