By Heather Brown

MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — Two months ago, Reggie joined the Magnuson family and it didn’t take long for him to make himself right at home. He sleeps with 13-year-old Ben and 17-year-old Jake, runs alongside their mother Laura, and cuddles right up to everyone as soon as they come home.

“He’s a very good dog, we got lucky,” Shane Magnuson, Reggie’s new “dad,” said.

That’s incredible in itself because for much of Reggie’s two- or three-year (they aren’t quite sure) life so far, luck hasn’t been on Reggie’s side.

“I’ll be honest,” said Laura. “I was really nervous when Shane called and said we should adopt this dog.”

(credit: CBS)

It was February. Shane, a Hennepin County Sheriff’s Lieutenant, was with Brooklyn Park Police looking for someone with a homicide warrant. When the deputies and officers arrived to the home, they found one dog who was dead. They also found Reggie.

The lab mix, whose healthy weight is about 75 to 80 pounds, weighed just 46 pounds.

“Even though he was nearly starved to death, he was really happy,” said Shane. “(He) went around to each officer and had him pet the ears and walk around.”

Reggie’s owner was arrested for animal cruelty that night. Reggie went to the Animal Humane Society after spending two days at an emergency veterinarian getting fluids.

Dr. Ashley Trock, veterinarian at the Animal Humane Society, said Reggie likely wasn’t fed anything for at least a month.

“Reggie was one of the skinniest dogs I’ve ever seen, if not the skinniest,” Trock said. “He was still happy and active, he’s a special dog.”

Over four weeks, the veterinary team at the AHS helped Reggie safely put on 20 pounds. At the same time, Laura, Ben and Jake went to visit him, where he made it clear he would be part of their family.

Everyone in the Magnuson family is grateful to AHS for making Reggie healthy once again. He’s since put on another 10 pounds since arrived at his new home.

“Dad always said, we’re a one-dog family,” Jake said. “I guess now we’re a two-dog family because of him.”

Heather Brown

  1. Nancy Gaviglio says:

    Your family are angels – thanks for rescuing Reggie