By Pat Kessler

MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — New Minnesota Governor Tim Walz says the state should pull the plug on the troubled vehicle registration system.

He wants to replace MNLARS with commercial software used by other states, costing the taxpayers millions of dollars.

MNLARS was a spectacular meltdown for millions of Minnesota drivers. A $100 million vehicle registration system so broken that getting a simple license tab could take months.

Walz inherited the MNLARS mess, and he’s pulling the plug.

“If we’re going to fail, fail fast and fix it. Save money for the taxpayers and get this thing on the right path,” Walz said. “We have been dying a slow death for 12 years here, certainly over the last two years. It doesn’t make sense.”

A blue ribbon commission on MNLARS decided it’s too cumbersome to fix, so now the state will start over with a private commercial software package. The full review can be read right here.

Total cost to taxpayers is $186 million — including the $100 million already spent on a computer system that didn’t work.

Pat Kessler

Comments (5)
  1. Tim Neumann says:

    Anyone whose was involved with the development of MNLARS should be given a pink slip. 173 Million wasted, what is the cost of a private system? No mention of that.

    1. Rick Wagner says:

      Time to drain the Minnesota IT leadership swamp that created this boondoggle. Only the UofM wastes more money with academic types in roles that should be occupied by seasoned professionals. Accountability with tax-payer money should be a high priority and completely transparent.

  2. Virgil Anders says:

    A prime definition of SNAFU and a huge one, who the hell was monitoring this! $173M throw against the wall to see how much would stick. As a Minnesota tax payer I demand that everyone directly involved in this ongoing disaster be terminated ASAP, they obviously did not know what they were doing and worse no one had the the common sense to shout out “this is not working, drop it”. Bet initial cost of new attempt will be around $25M and who’s to say that one will work.

  3. And people say the government should take over the health care system….Baaaahahahaha.