MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) – One child died and another is in serious condition after falling from an apartment building in Minneapolis Thursday afternoon.

Family and friends say the brothers were playing on their porch and fell to a rooftop landing beside it before falling from the building. Both boys were known for being full of smiles, according to the family.

“Very lovely kids, very happy, friendly, always play with the father, mother, other kiddies,” said Grad Darhir, a close family friend.

Now, their cozy home is full of sorrow.

“They are very emotional right now. They are in a tough situation – to accept it, but we are Muslim, and we have faith and we believe things happen,” Darhir said.

Abdiqani Abdi, right, and his brother pictured with their father (credit: Abdi Family)

Neighbors and community members gathered Thursday night to remember 2-year-old Abdiqani Abdi, who lost his life, and support his brother, 1-year-old Abdirizak. He is still in the hospital but is expected to survive. Family friends say he broke three ribs and fractured his skull.

“We will get the update, but so far what we are hearing he’s much better, he’s getting better, he’s making good progress,” Darhir said.

Police were called to the 2800 block of Pleasant Avenue South at 2:20 p.m. on a report that two children fell from the Karmel Village apartment building. Authorities suspect the boys landed on a patio made of cement, stone or concrete – not grass. They fell five stories.

Darhir says their mother was close by.

“The kids were getting ready for daycare and she was in the bathroom, suddenly when she came out she thought that the kids go out.”

Police say the preliminary investigation shows the incident appears to be an accident.

“There’s no indication at this time that these children’s descent was caused by anything other than the children themselves,” said John Elder, with the Minneapolis Police Department.

Building owner Basim Sabri says more than 300 children live in the building.

“It’s a sad day,” Sabri said. “We have like a beautiful community inside that is family-oriented.”

Police say workers in the area who witnessed the fall called 911 and rushed to help the children until officers arrived.

WCCO requested paperwork on the building where the family lives. It is in good standing with the city.

There will be a community gathering to support the Abdi family Saturday at 3 p.m. at Whittier Community Center.

Susan-Elizabeth Littlefield

Comments (3)
  1. Chris Bleckinger says:

    We will never know the ‘real’ story here, just like we never found out what happened to the Somali baby who was thrown from a moving car while the mother kept driving and only came back about 10 minutes later. Without the car she was illegally driving. When it comes to the Somalis there is a NO COMMENT CLAUSE from our local media.

  2. Gem Gram says:

    In a City and State where the first child window safety law in the Nation was enacted it is almost criminal that loop holes in that law continues to allow children to fall to the death and serious injury. WCCO’s Darcy Pohland was instrumental in getting that law passed. I would think WCCO would honor Darcy’s legacy and talk about her efforts to get the Laela Law passed in Minnesota. Loop holes in that law still endanger children. Minneapolis should close those loopholes.

    Jim Graham

    1. Chris Bleckinger says:

      Why would you assume it was the landlords fault? He claims the windows and balconies were up to code. And how is a landlord or a so-called loophole responsible for irresponsible parenting? Two kids don’t just ‘fall’ out a window while being supervised!