MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO/CBS News) — In a CBS News exclusive Thursday morning, we’re hearing from the fiance of Justine Ruszczyk Damond.

Last week, a jury found a former Minneapolis police officer guilty of her murder. In his first network interview since the verdict, Don Damond spoke exclusively with CBS News’s Jamie Yuccas.

“I am still processing it all, you know? … During the trial, I took some steps to make sure that I wasn’t traumatized. And so I made sure to not look at things that I would never un-see. And there were images and sounds that people report that were very, very painful, traumatic even for some people. And there were times I left the courtroom,” Don Damond told Yuccas. “I want to remember how Justine lived. I don’t want those images singed in my brain, how she died, you know? So … I’m coping. But I am ‘one day at a time.'”

Damond opened up about what’s next after a jury found a former police officer guilty of her murder.

“This is a policing issue,” he told Yuccas. “I would like the Minneapolis Police Department to go back and consider what, and how officers are trained. I can understand where Black Lives Matter is so angry because you can see the unjustified shooting across this nation, but this is a blue issue.”

Damond hopes that progress isn’t just confined to Minneapolis.

“How can what was learned here be taken to change and address policing in this country? There needs to be changes made so that no one has to go through this. That no one ever has to experience what we experienced,” Damond said.

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