By Reg Chapman

MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — Metro Transit police are searching for information about a fight that took place around and inside a city bus. The fight was caught on camera and posted to social media.

Metro Transit says the fight occurred on the Number 5 bus near Emerson and West Broadway avenues.

WCCO’s Reg Chapman has more on the effort of mothers and fathers in the community to help quell the fights.

The video shows a brawl outside and then on the bus.

“Our operator did exactly what he was trained to, he hit an alarm, officers came out and responded to the individuals who were there,” Howie Padilla said. “The ones who got hit, they declined services from our officers. They also declined to cooperate.”

This video has gotten the attention of adults in the community.

“We’re trying to deescalate conflict between them we’re trying to talk to them about different opportunities in the community, employment in the community and different ways to resolve their differences that doesn’t involve violence,” said Lisa Clemons.

Clemons leads A Mother’s Love, a group of moms, supported by dads and others, doing their part for the safety of children.

“If we are saying we don’t want more police we don’t want the pipeline to prison then we have to step up as mothers, fathers, aunts, uncles, grandparents,” said Clemons. “We have to step up and be a voice that will calm our young people and we aren’t doing that yet.”

Clemons and her crew are starting the movement.

“On the back of this shirt it says ‘bringing the village back,’ you know that’s the biggest thing,” Al Flowers Jr. said.

These volunteers are walking near North High and bus stops along the five route, offering solutions to conflict and help for a better future.

“We got job applications, we got stuff for young women, we got stuff for young men,” Flowers said. “We are in the works of trying to get something going for our young fathers, just trying to show them positive things that if we do this together that it can be done.”

The hope is to prevent scenes like this and replace them with others.

“We know there is always that one person out here that’s trying to catch it on video so we’re trying to make sure what they catch on video is some brotherly love, some sisterly love,” said Clemons.

Metro Transit says people who see trouble on buses or trains can text 612-900-0411. It’s anonymous, and an officer will be sent to help.

If you have any information about the incident, call Metro Transit police.

Reg Chapman