MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — Minnesota lawmakers are running out of time to reach a budget deal.

Top Democratic and Republican leaders failed again to reach an agreement Tuesday despite another day of negotiating.

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The people we elected to come to the State Capitol in January must agree on a budget to pay for every part of state government. It’s mid-May, and they still haven’t done it. They have six more days, until Monday.

There’s a familiar parade of leaders walking in — and walking out — of increasingly-urgent budget talks. After tempers flared Monday, Gov. Tim Walz on Tuesday called for a re-set and channeled his inner football coach.

“The sun coming up this morning, and I think for me I revert to this, something I’m proud of and proud to be a part of. I build championship football teams, and this needs to be building that for Minnesota,” Walz said.

But Republicans and Democrats are football fields apart on government funding. Republicans won’t agree to any tax hike — and Democrats have plenty of them. The biggest sticking points are the same.

Democrats want a gas tax hike to pay for roads and bridges; corporate tax hikes; and continue health care provider tax to pay for health care programs.

  1. Tim Neumann says:

    Another legislative session, another failed session because Democrats want to tax the pants off the public and Republicans want to get back the stolen “surplus” to pay the bills. Typical politicians each wanting their agenda to win