MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) – Officials say there’s a housing shortage in the Twin Cities as the population steadily grows.

A report by the Metropolitan Council shows that since 2010, Minneapolis and St. Paul have gained the most residents. That’s the case for many surrounding suburbs as well.

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From the west side of the Mississippi to the east side, the metro known for having cities that are Twins is gradually growing at about a 10% rate.

Libby Starling, director of regional planning for the Met Council, broke down the numbers of the new study.

“We are not a high-gross city, we are not a declining region, but we are kind of seeing that ongoing steady growth that’s consistent with our overall history,” Starling said.

Next to Minneapolis and St. Paul, Blaine, Woodbury and Lakeville are seeing the most growth. The biggest percentage of growth is Lilydale at 40%, followed by Medina and Victoria. Senior and multi-family housing has boosted the St. Paul suburb, an area where homes are going fast.

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“I’ve been trying to find a home and I was just gonna move out here to try and help with my parents and the market is crazy right now,” said Chris Harich, who has been looking for a home in the area.

Nestled in the heart of Lilydale, Harich owns a garden shop. He sold his St. Paul home in November to move close to Lilydale, but he’s facing a common problem.

“The challenge is even as many cranes as we are seeing, new housing we are seeing, it’s not keeping up and so the concern is we are seeing an increase in housing prices as they are seeing more commonly on the coasts,” Starling said.

So the goal is to create more housing at all price points.

“Overall, we simply need more housing at all price points and if there’s more housing, that decreases the pressure on the lower end of the housing market and creates more choices for everyone to live in our region,” Starling said.

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For the study details, visit the Metropolitan Council website.

Susan-Elizabeth Littlefield