MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) – The weekend weather ended on a low but that’s certainly not the way it started. Saturday and Sunday were picture perfect. Memorial Day was basically a washout.

But as WCCO found out, business owners say the good outweighed the bad.

“A little cloudy, a little misty, I mean I’m soaked but that’s OK, that’s the way it is,” said Cristina Cruz-Jones, who works at Tangletown gardens in south Minneapolis.

The plants she tends soaked up the rain. Cruz-Jones says Tangletown’s sales were huge on Saturday and Sunday. On Monday, a few brave shoppers powered through.

Maura Glover and her husband shopped through the rain in search of a Virginia Blue Bell to plant. She says they love being outside.

“We’re hardy,” Glover said.

“I’ve been amazed we’ve had a steady stream of hardcore gardeners. They don’t give up in Minnesota,” Cruz-Jones added.

So what about all that planting people did over the weekend? Cruz-Jones says delicate things like seeds may be in danger, but sturdier plants should hold up just fine.

Next door at Wise Acre Eatery, the patio sat empty after a memorable weekend.

“I’ve lived in Minnesota for a long time, so I never set expectations for the spring,” said Aaron Spalding, general manager.

He says business Saturday and Sunday was booming as they brought farm-fresh food to many tables.

“You know what Meatloaf says: Two out of three ain’t bad,” Spalding laughed.

So the weekend wasn’t a total wash.