MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) – To enjoy the sights and sounds at Target Field, you sometimes have to navigate the congestion and construction surrounding it.

“A lot of one ways, a lot of roads you think you can turn on but you can’t,” said Dale Rollins, a Twins fan.

His family drove in from northern Minnesota, so arriving early was always part of the plan.

With the Twins consistently packing Target Field thanks to successful play, traffic has increased on nearby streets. Construction on Hennepin Avenue and other neighboring roads adds to the problem. It’s also eliminated some street parking in the North Loop area.

Bill Gordon runs one of the pay lots at 501 N. Washington Street. Fans only had to pay $10 Wednesday night, but even when the price doubles for a sold-out game on the weekends, the lot fills quickly.

“With the Twins playing well, the (ABC) ramps fill up quick, so our surface lots are rather premium at times,” he said. “This season has been very good to us. We’ve been getting a lot of customers.”

There are also new apartments and businesses in the North Loop that might not have been around when Target Field opened nine years ago.

“It certainly is a challenge,” said Matt Hodson, Twins communications director. “It’s changed a lot from 2010 when we opened this ballpark, the last time we had consistently large crowds like we do now. Since then, this area is a lot more densely populated, which is fantastic, but the parking hasn’t necessarily kept up with that.”

That’s why to ease parking woes, the Twins are reminding people to visit the team’s website to reserve a parking spot. Under the Target Field tab on the website, fans can click on the transportation link. From there, they will be directed to a link to reserve parking spots. Through the ParkWhiz app, fans can pay for a spot days in advance at one of several downtown garages and lots.

For Wednesday night’s game, the Jerry Haaf Memorial Ramp on South 4th Street was only $4. From there, fans could simply hop on the light rail for a free, fast ride to Target Field.

“We are well served by Metro Transit from bus routes to light rail, Target Field station on the other side of the ballpark,” Hodson said.

But if driving is your only option, Hodson emphasized arriving early.

“The fact of the matter is there is construction going on and that is something out of our hands. We want to help get people here as quickly as we can,” he said.

Rollins parked in Gordon’s lot off Washington, his go-to location for Twins games. He also arrived two hours before game time.

“I feel sorry for anybody showing up late because you’re going to have a tough time dealing with all the traffic condensed down into one lane and then trying to slide into a good parking spot,” Rollins said.

To reserve a parking spot ahead of a Twins game, visit the team’s website.

The Twins also want fans to check MnDOT’s website for updates on construction projects in the area to know where and when they could encounter delays.

Jeff Wagner